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Suspicious Angels is making a move that will give us the ability to communicate with our growing blog population that is more in line with today’s social communications. When you return to suspiciousangels.com in the upcoming weeks, you will see a different look with the same content — the best political commentary on the web.

Now you will have a world of options. Want to use your phone or tablet to read the latest post? You can follow SA on Facebook or Twitter for links to current articles or read the blog directly. That way even when you’re not near your computer, you’ll still be able to connect with us. To have access to each new post, be sure to have push notifications turned on. Of course, if you are a subscriber, you will still get email updates and be able to link to the latest articles.

Be sure to tune in as we chart the Empire’s twists and turns on its militaristic axis. Coming soon an investigation into the life and times of two unindicted war criminals AKA U.S. leaders who managed to walk off with the world’s most coveted prize: the Nobel Peace Prize (hint: Henry Kissinger is one). We also look at how the passage of the 19th amendment (giving women the vote) has affected U.S. politics in the twentieth and twenty-first century. You may be surprised to find out how little has changed. Coming up is the “Axis of Hypocrisy” — two former presidents Bush (George W.) and Obama providing a tutorial on what passes for “moral” leadership in the White House. You’ll laugh until you cry. And we’re just getting started. Join us at our new site. We promise you a rollicking good ride.

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