Will the First Woman Presidential Candidate Please Stand Up

Celebrating a Non-Event As Hillary does her victory lap around the Clinton-friendly major media touting her “historic achievement on behalf of all of us women” (or sentiments to that effect), we, who like to think of ourselves as gatekeepers of reason and sanity, call for a time-out. In the piece below we look at the […]

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Short Take 1: While the World Watches. the Children of Flint Michigan Are Being Poisoned

Short Take 1 While the World Watches, the Children of Flint Michigan Are Being Poisoned. On September 30, 2015, two years after the fact, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder took note of the poisoned water being supplied to Flint residents in a brief unapologetic announcement, “we found there are probably things that weren’t as fully understood […]

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Short Take 2: In Memoriam-Captain Humayun Khan

Short Take 2 In Memoriam—Captain Humayun Khan “Let me ask you [Donald Trump]–Have you ever read the US constitution? …In this document look for the words ‘liberty’ and ‘protection of law’ … Look at the graves of those who died defending America… We are stronger together. And we will keep getting stronger when Hillary Clinton […]

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