Public Utility or Private Boondoggle? You Decide

Shocked Customers

Connecticut residents being fleeced by Eversource, a for-profit investor-owned electric company, may soon morph into a national problem. This is a company whose business plan calls for maximum effort to enrich investors while letting customers sit in the dark. That plan became embarrassingly public on August 11, when lack of preparation and general bungling forced 800,000 customers to spend days and in thousands of cases over a week without power while a historic heat spell raged. A power company that changed its name several years ago in what appears to be a pathetic attempt to rebrand itself in the face of extremely negative customer polls. Its name may have changed, its corporate thuggery has not. Eversource customers are burdened with the second highest electric rates in the country. In the aftermath of its epic failure at restoring power after tropical storm Isaias, their $20 million CEO was hunkered down in a secure location and refused to appear in public, a move that probably made “the buck stops here” Truman roll over in his grave. Why should you care? Because forewarned is forearmed. Already 72% of electric power customers are at the mercy of investor-owned companies. If they haven’t gotten around to sticking it to you, they will soon. Check out “Public Utilities or Private Boondoggles? You Decide” and find out how you can beat them at their own game.

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