Biden’s American Rescue Plan — Much Less Than Meets the Eye

Who is Biden?

Talk about a pig in a poke. The American Rescue Plan was hailed as a “Big win both policy and politics…major achievement for the President (John King, CNN, 3/9). Biden himself was over the moon with his handiwork— “What we did get … is a bill to address the crises facing the American people not the wealthy and large corporations...the most significant…legislation to benefit the working class.” Progressive activists didn’t buy it —“No one will be more excited …than my old friends in the corporate insurance industry…funneling $48 billion taxpayer dollars to them…[Wendell Potter] Not one word about taxing wealthy Americans to give the rest the full and unqualified relief they need. In a country where “for a few hundred billionaires … pandemic profits are so immense that America’s billionaires could pay for a major COVID relief bill and still not lose a dime of their pre-virus riches.” What this bill does contain is a bunch of temporary and miserly half-measures. Not a path to address soaring income inequality nor a way back from the hell into which millions of Americans were plunged. Don’t believe the lies and evasions coming from the mainstream media stenography pool and a few progressive outlets and check out “Biden’s American Rescue Plan — Much Less Than Meets the Eye” for the real story.

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