Has the Two-Party Congress Outlived Its Usefulness?

Congressional Baboons

What does a dysfunctional congress and the U.S. congress have in common? Everything. Particularly if you’re one of 75 million who lost their jobs during the pandemic or the 40 million facing eviction or the 50 million the government labels “food insecure (they’re starving). A one-time $1,200 stimulus check and some extra unemployment benefits expired way back in August. Congress didn’t seem to notice. It’s no wonder since more than half of them are millionaires. Then January 6th happened. Suddenly Congress had a new purpose: working on their second impeachment of a hapless president who has less than a week to go before he’s out. In their spare time, they’re chasing a friendly media who have their own ax to grind to broadcast their outrage to the folks back home. They call the events of January 6 — “[the] desecration of the peoples’ house.” But for desperate Americans the real desecration is Congress’ failure to provide them a way out of their misery. If you aren’t ashamed of the politicians you trusted to take care of the Republic and its people, you will be after reading “Has the Two-Party Congress Outlived Its Usefulness?

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A Christmas Story

Women Toy Soldiers

Has war lust become so deeply rooted in American culture that feminist equality and empowerment hinge on indoctrinating little girls? The mainstream media would have you believe that a little girl’s fondest wish is to see her image in little toy soldiers thus glorifying the U.S. reign of terror around the world. How did we get to the place where belligerence, killing sanctions and war are the ultimate expression of the world’s sole super power? As the U.S. ramps up its dependence on sophisticated weaponry to gin up its killing power, its grip on moral authority is slowly waning. In the view of many of the world’s countries, the U.S. has been reduced to the stature of a pitiful giant All the female toy soldiers in the world cannot fix that. Indoctrinating little girls to believe that military service is the path to “empowerment” and “equality” is not only an outrage but a flat out lie. Are we seeing the evolution of a next generation of Manchurian candidates? Read “A Christmas Story” and prepare to be shocked and disgusted.

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