“That’s Not Who We Are” (Obama)

Who are we really? To answer that question is the truth-telling mission of SuspiciousAngels— exploring history, (i.e. the Howard Zinn and Walter Karp version), debunking plans and priorities of the elites and illuminating the wisdom of the revolutionary left. Cutting through the noise of the mainstream media to the “facts on the ground,” the answer […]

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Killers R Us

“The Gray Lady” has her pantyhose in a knot.  The “lady” in question? The New York Times, “regarded by many in the world…as the world’s greatest newspaper…generally hail[ed] as …gray by way of acknowledging its traditional special marks: starch conservatism and circumspection.” This encomium appeared in Life magazine in 1951, celebrating the Times’ 100th birthday. The […]

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A Bi-Partisan Meeting of the Minds

Beware the doting father defending his daughter from naysayers. Remember the kerfuffle stirred up a while ago when President Trump took to Twitter to excoriate Nordstrom’s department store for their decision to drop his daughter, Ivanka’s, clothing line. “My daughter has been treated unfairly by Nordstrom’s. She is a great person —always pushing me to […]

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