Millions Die as Drug Companies Use Monopoly Medicine To Rake in the Dough

Drug Profiteering

How does it come to pass that we have bought the lie that corporate big wigs and billionaires are fonts of wisdom, with no personal or professional axe to grind, solely dedicated to ensuring that everyone gets a fair shake? Bill Gates, billionaire founder of Microsoft is one example of the breed. He thinks opening up vaccine distribution to the whole world is “a bad idea.” Guess what? The world’s high-income countries who are spending billions to corner the market on doses agree with him, as do the CEOs of drug companies who have amassed fabulous wealth from the world’s misery. It’s a race to the bottom. How about candidate Biden who promised to support lifting the drug companies’ hold on vaccine technology? “Absolutely, positively. This is the only humane thing in the world to do…The answer is Yes. Yes, yes, yes.” When he became president, Biden waited over 100 days to live up to that promise albeit with a decided lack of enthusiasm and many conditions. Is it time to pull the plug on Big Pharma’s stranglehold over the manufacture and distribution of COVID vaccines? Does their profit come first in the middle of a pandemic? Check out “Millions Die as Drug Companies Use Monopoly Medicine to Rake in the Dough“ for a possible answer.

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