Sterilization, Indefinite Detention, Concentration Camps—The Future of Dissent in America?

It’s morning in America again and many of us take for granted that in a country purportedly governed by the rule of law, our civil liberties are constitutionally guaranteed and not up for grabs as they are in totalitarian countries.  A dangerous and false assumption. Buried deep in U.S. legal history are two Supreme Court […]

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The Pentagon Is Lowering Standards for Enlistment: Public Service or Recruitment Scheme?

“They [high school seniors] who may not be able to graduate] could enlist, go to basic training…come back and boom graduation requirement is done.” – Army Recruiter   Leave it to the U.S. military where bad-terrible-horrible ideas take on a life of their own. Much like cancer, they disappear, sometimes for decades, only to re-emerge, more […]

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Take the Oil and Run: Clinton and Trump Agree

Suspicious Angels Readers: You heard it here first! The whole unvarnished truth, not the half-truths and omissions dictated by the ideological bias of the mainstream media. In October, 2016, we published “Take the Oil and Run” a rebuke to the “paper of record’s” (NY Times) assertion that Trump was the sole cheerleader behind the proposal […]

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