Profits Over People: Not Big Pharma’s Finest Hour

Profits Over People

Melinda Gates, wife of the third richest person in the world, whose foundation has given $156 million to vaccine makers was interviewed by the New York Times on December 7. She was asked to comment “on the rise in vaccine hesitancy.” Her answer “We’re at a point of a lot of distrust in the country… Disinformation is just too easy to spread and, that’s going to cost people their lives.” Not true. “Vaccine hesitancy” has a far more serious and disturbing cause. Throughout the course of the pandemic’s rampage in the U.S., the public has been bombarded with half-truths, unreliable guidance, and the obscene spectacle of vaccine makers circling the pot of gold that awaits the winner of the vaccine sweepstakes claiming success via press releases instead of peer-reviewed journals. It appears that the priority in the U.S. profit-at-any-cost healthcare system is on profits not saving lives. Sorry, Melinda, what we have here is not a bunch of anti-vaxx ‘crazies’ but a healthcare system where anything (profitable) goes.Reporting the covid-19 vaccine trial results in press releases before publication in journals is neither good scientific practice nor does it help to build public trust in vaccines.” [editorial in the British Medical Journal] Are the oligarchs trying to confuse us by claiming that realistic demands for more public information, more documentation, more reliance on the scientific method are really “disinformation?” Check out “Profits Over People: Not Big Pharma’s Finest Hour” and decide for yourself.

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