The Higher Education Mafia: Making Their Bones the Old-Fashioned Way: Defrauding Students and Rubbing Out the Competition

Buying SAT Names

We just exited out of that great commercial bash —the season of giving. But in elite colleges and universities and among the mighty gatekeepers of college admissions, the College Board, the season of giving never ends. Like any garden variety criminal enterprise, the education Mafia operates a hustle victimizing students by “monetizing their personal information” under the guise of “connecting millions of test takers with colleges [and] universities.” After you’ve discovered that the bridge they were selling is a bridge to nowhere, you probably have a pretty good idea how betrayed millions of students feel when their eyes are opened. Conspirator 1 is the College Board, a billion-dollar operation, selling (they call it leasing) the names and personal information of the majority of two million test takers to 1,900 top-ranked colleges and universities, who turn the screw on these students by sending them promotional materials and encouraging them to apply (with application fees ranging from $50 to $90) even though they haven’t a prayer of being admitted. Who benefits as the doomed applications pour in? The schools as the applicant pool inflates and schools lower their admit percentage, their reputation for selectivity grows and before you know it, the ratings czar U.S. News and World moves them closer and closer to those coveted spots in the top ten. Since the mainstream media think we are all a bunch of dumb bunnies, they come right out and with no shame confess their complicity in the giant fraud—”A school’s academic atmosphere is influenced by the selectivity of its admissions.” Reading between the lines, keep the public thinking the rankings are the Rosetta Stone of a school’s ultimate worth. That way all the conspirators prosper: U.S. News and World Report sells lots of magazines to gullible parents and students, executives at both the College Board and elite colleges and universities take home million-dollar paychecks The details are more horrific and you’ll find them in “The Higher Education Mafia: Making Their Bones the Old-Fashioned Way: Defrauding Students and Rubbing Out the Competition.

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Brothers in Blood — Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump

Obama - Trump

Hold onto your phones people. The result of the Gallup Poll for the most admired man of 2019 has been announced. Obama and Trump tied for first place. Could any two leaders be more different —in style. Unfortunately, they display an eerie sameness when it comes to the business of governing. Both are war mongers, Obama five-upped the two wars he inherited from Bush to seven and Trump has set the Mideast on fire with his assassination of one of the leaders of a sovereign nation. Just America being America is the excuse. But for most of the rest of the world, the U.S. no longer invokes the respect and admiration Americans feel is their birthright. In the latest poll, almost 40% of respondents in 38 countries consider the U.S. a major threat to world peace. Only 31% feel the same about either Russia or China. Don’t be fooled by Democratic claims that everything will be hunky-dory if the voters dump Trump and elect one of them. It won’t be. Read “Brothers in Blood: Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump” and find out how in four decades “the shining city on a hill” has become a police state with permanent war and mass surveillance its guiding principles and wealth and privilege its trademark.

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