Has the Two-Party Congress Outlived Its Usefulness?

Congressional Baboons

What does a dysfunctional congress and the U.S. congress have in common? Everything. Particularly if you’re one of 75 million who lost their jobs during the pandemic or the 40 million facing eviction or the 50 million the government labels “food insecure (they’re starving). A one-time $1,200 stimulus check and some extra unemployment benefits expired way back in August. Congress didn’t seem to notice. It’s no wonder since more than half of them are millionaires. Then January 6th happened. Suddenly Congress had a new purpose: working on their second impeachment of a hapless president who has less than a week to go before he’s out. In their spare time, they’re chasing a friendly media who have their own ax to grind to broadcast their outrage to the folks back home. They call the events of January 6 — “[the] desecration of the peoples’ house.” But for desperate Americans the real desecration is Congress’ failure to provide them a way out of their misery. If you aren’t ashamed of the politicians you trusted to take care of the Republic and its people, you will be after reading “Has the Two-Party Congress Outlived Its Usefulness?

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Will there be a 46th President Without an Election? Why the Rush to Impeach Trump is Dangerous

Pence Waiting

Impeachment stalwarts take heed. If you succeed and by some miracle Trump gets booted out of the Oval Office, guess who’s waiting in the wings? Mike Pence, the politically ambitious, morally bankrupt, BFF of the titans of criminogenic capitalism— the Kochs, the thugs who run the fossil fuel industry already hitting a home run with Trump’s “climate change what’s that” EPA and the fat cats in the defense industry who want to keep the money spigot open by supporting a believer in perpetual war. Known in Congress as the “hawk’s hawk,” with a Saudi prince’s view of woman’s place, author of a bill to make same sex marriage unconstitutional, and a tax policy that would make even a billionaire blush, Vice President Pence is poised to move bag and baggage into the Oval Office. How about the voters? Have they drunk the impeachment Kool-Aid? Or are they on the hunt for solutions to problem affecting their lives and the future of their children? Some brand-new poll results have us scratching our heads. Read “Will there be a 46th President Without an Election? Why the Rush to Impeach Trump is Dangerous” and prepare to be amazed.

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