The Media In the Tank for the Democrats

Disappearing Trump

Business as usual. The media lionizing Joe Biden, trashing Donald Trump. Well-deserved on both counts? You decide. But is picking winners the job of the media in a democracy? Once the media prided itself on its impartiality. Now profits are king and objective reporting is the archetype of a forgotten era. The media is giving the incoming Biden administration a free pass. The love fest began on January 20 transforming what most progressives regarded as an unremarkable, cliché-ridden inaugural speech into the second coming of the Sermon on the Mount. Here’s one particularly egregious example of the media bending the knee to the administration — “He is the better angel president. Joe Biden is eternally optimistic, he’s not cynical. … He still thinks the better angels exist.” [Chuck Todd, stenographer-in-chief NBC] How long before Biden snares a Nobel? Hard to tell but while you’re waiting check out “The Media In the Tank for the Democrats.

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