Exceptional America Produces an Exceptionally Miserable Healthcare System

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It’s a jungle out there in U.S. healthcare land. The honchos of corporate medicine make the rules. Their patients, afraid to ask questions, sign up for procedures whose only value is to the doctor’s bottom line and accept prescription drugs for ailments they probably don’t have that add immeasurably to the already bloated profits of the drug industry. A healthcare system so exceptional that medical errors are king (third leading cause of death in the U.S) while medical providers continue to rake in big bucks. An exceptional health care system that leaves twenty-nine million Americans uninsured, where life expectancy has dropped for two straight years. The cost of that non-care and mis-care? $3.5 trillion (2017). The arrogance of power in the medical establishment has become virtually impregnable as government surrenders its power to regulate and enforce. Today you will learn about a few of the newest attacks on patient choice and access as huge medical practices become monopolies and swallow up sole practitioners. For millions of Americans what follows is substandard medical care, over-prescribing and little follow-up. We’ve come a long way baby and most of it is downhill. Read all about it in “Exceptional America Produces an Exceptionally Miserable Healthcare System.

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