Three Bogeymen of the Apocalypse: Why the $4 trillion U.S. Healthcare Industry Blew the Pandemic

Covid Death

How to explain the pickle the U.S. is in? The world’s most powerful and richest nation with only 4% of the world’s population has managed to infect 33 million Americans. Almost 600,00 have died. The country that annually spends $4 trillion on healthcare, most of it going into the pockets of healthcare executives, was helpless to stop the widespread carnage. Victims died in nursing homes from shoddy care, in hospitals from a “just in time” supply chain that did not stockpile vital equipment and supplies and at home because their privatized insurance put the cost of an ambulance ride out of reach. There’s lots of blame to go around, but three bogeymen, Bourla, Biden and Fauci, are especially culpable. From uneven vaccine distribution by profit-hungry vaccine makers (Bourla), to the failure of U.S. political leaders to bring the drug companies to heel (Biden) and last but far from least, to the medical advice of the U.S. infectious disease expert (Fauci) whose constantly shifting opinions on mask-wearing, waiving patent protection for vaccines, sourcing the COVID virus, and reaching herd immunity have led many Americans to wonder whose side he’s on. It’s a mess and if you wonder how big, check out “Three bogeymen of the Apocalypse: Why the $4 Trillion U.S. Healthcare Industry Blew the Pandemic.

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