Having It Their Way: Drug Companies Raking in the Dough While Americans Get Sicker and Poorer

Pharma Swooping

As drug prices continue to sky rocket and Americans get sicker and poorer, the pandemic reveals the shocking truth about the true extent of Pharma’s greed. Those life-saving vaccines the U.S. government is providing. Think they’re free? They’re not. The government may be handling the sale but it’s your tax dollars that pay for every dose. The hitch is that unlike the rest of the developed world, the U.S. is reported to be paying an up-charge of 60¢ for every vaccine dose. For the first 200 million doses, the U.S. was ripped off an extra $120 million. It doesn’t end there. Between the vaccination scam, the outrageous prices of both new and old drugs, the prohibition against Medicare (seniors account for over one-third of prescription drug use) negotiating prices — is it any wonder that Pharma is the most profitable sector of the healthcare industry? Sure, it takes a few billions of “walking around” money to pay off the politicians, hire a gaggle of lobbyists, grease the palms of doctors who write the prescriptions and entice consumers via direct consumer advertising. But it’s worth it. In 2019, the drug industry made $1.3 trillion worldwide. 48% of it was made in the U.S. As the outrages mount, the extent of Pharma’s criminality is eye popping. You’ll see why in “Having it their way: Drug Companies Awash in Dough, While Americans get Sicker and Poorer.

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