What Makes Pete Buttigieg Run?

Con Artistry

Suspicious Angels one-upped the mainstream media and much of the alternate media by predicting on August 1 that with a campaign staff of Obama golden oldies and a personal career of water carrying for big money grifters, Mayor Pete, adding folksy charm to the Obama playbook of reassuring falsehoods and promises made to be broken, is determined to be the top dog in the scramble for the 2020 presidential sweepstakes. In the same way SA exposed the truth behind the onerous debt burden shadowing the lives of three-quarters of U.S. college graduates to the mind-numbing stupidity of our killer health care system, we chart the progress of the Buttigieg campaign from obscurity to stardom. In Part 2 of the Buttigieg story, we lay out shameless Pete’s version of the Obama swindle. Will his labors produce a four (or eight) year lease on the White House? Hop on the Suspicious Angels express, read “What Makes Pete Run” and see if the Democrats are doomed to be on the wrong side of history again. It’s a ride worth taking.

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