American Bloodbath: Perpetual War Abroad, Mass Killings at Home

End Wars

People mowed down worshipping at a synagogue, kids murdered in school, churchgoers fleeing certain death, unimaginable loss of life at nightclubs and concerts, police violence adding to the carnage on city streets. Life in 21st century America is risky business. It’s not just guns, although with 265 million in circulation, wing nuts of every political persuasion can vent their rage and hostility on an unsuspecting public. But we ignore at our peril the contribution of U.S. foreign policy, where making war outruns diplomacy, threats and sanctions replace strategic policy-making and sky-high military budgets enable the colossus to maintain at least 800 military bases world-wide and carry on 7 wars simultaneously. Where will it end? Read “American Bloodbath: Perpetual War Abroad, Mass Killings at Home” for a possible answer.

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