Why the Latest Media Reports of Obamacare’s Blessings Are Fake News


“In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man (or woman) is king (or queen)”—the shorthand version of how the health care battle in the US is trending. Before the Trump follies rolled into the White House on January 20, public reaction to the Affordable Care Act (hereinafter referred to as Obamacare) was decidedly negative. The Hill (a Washington based newspaper read by all the “serious” people —congress people and the White House) reported in 2016 that upwards of 49% of the public were opposed to Obamacare while only 38% thought it was the best idea since sliced bread. Agreed Obamacare is a major scam masquerading as a health safety net written by health care thugs and their counterparts at the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation (whose supporters run the spectrum of far-right to ultra-right to off-the-scale right including the Koch duo). No question that the American Health Care Act (hereinafter referred to as Trumpcare) beats Obamacare in the crappy sweepstakes by a “country mile (i.e. a very long way).”

Sadly, that doesn’t do anything to change the terrible injustices of Obamacare —older people paying 3 times more for the same policies, premiums( if you aren’t in the starvation wage category and qualify for subsidies) that total around $4,200 annually for the cheapest plans with deductibles of $6,000, co-insurance provisions requiring you to split the cost of life-saving procedures with “poor, starving” insurance companies (while we’re on the subject, consider this recent survey by the AP: “Health Care and Pharma CEOs Paid More Than Top Execs In Any Other Industry.” )





On the theory that turnabout is fair play — as of March 22, 2017, the majority of Americans (57%) want to keep Obamacare while 37% are contrarians preferring the new devil (Trumpcare) to the old. Is it human nature or the perverse logic of the free market that obliges us to hold onto the bad when the prospect of the “badder” materializes? Perhaps instead we should shoot for the moon. That’s the theme of “Health Care Goes To The Dogs” —a re-examination of the role Obamacare doesn’t play in providing answers to our national nightmare — the tattered safety net that passes for affordable health care. We’re talking about a major share of the US economy accounting for 17.8% of GDP in 2015 (last year for which figures are available), total expenditures of $2.3 Trillion ($10,000/ per every American). Contrast that with our buddies across the ocean, the UK, whose single payer health care system at 9% of GDP (less than one-half of their GDP) or $4,000/ per person.

As part of our mission to uncover the dirty secrets that talking heads and popular TV commentators (think Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and a multitude of others singing their swan songs on our major news outlets) try to hide under a mountain of made-up statistics, false claims, half-truths and downright lies, we present the true tale of the Affordable Care Act —what it does (very little) and doesn’t do (a whole lot), why the perfect alternative already walks among us benefitting one segment of the American public. You probably won’t hear it anywhere else, folks, so don’t miss our report coming to your feed or inbox on April 10. It’s overtime to hear the truth.


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