“Double, Double Toil and Trouble…” The January Issue

Double, Double Toil and Trouble…” The January Issue

Welcome to SA’s January issue. A potpourri of the latest goings on in Washington D.C., home of elites and neo-liberals whose voices are virtually the only ones heard in Washington these past eight — no make that these past seventy years.

For this month’s menu:

In “Legacy and All that Jazz” we take aim at the hue and cry all over DC — “The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming.” We look at the evidence-free “high-confidence” claims from all 17 of our intelligence agencies that the hacking of Democratic sycophant John Podesta’s e-mails (reportedly his password was “password”) and other dastardly deeds like compromising our voting system could only have been ordered at the highest levels of the Russian government. Which makes Vladimir Putin America’s official whipping boy. President Obama jumped into the fray with both feet throwing 35 Russian officials out of the US and shuttering two of their US facilities. Putin’s response was a disappointing “no response.” Why the crescendo of accusations, frenzied calls for congressional investigations, talk of more far-reaching sanctions? What’s the real reason for all this government huffing and puffing? We make a stab at the answer.

In “We Must March My Darlings” we take a look at the history of third parties in the US, how they could help us break the strangle-hold the two wings of the business/war party have on our economy, our foreign policy, our health and well-being. Could the addition of one or more parties break up the duopoly monopoly? Will the US public ever accept the idea that voting for a party that is not democrat or republican is not “wasting my vote?”  We look at that in this article and once again consult the past to provide a guide to the future. Not the most hopeful prognosis, to be sure, nor the most immediate, but always a possibility. Read the article and find at how past third party campaigns as well as single issue campaigns (votes for women) might point us in the right direction.

In the final article of this issue, “The Best Health Care System in the US,” we take a look at the jewel in the crown of US government-provided health care, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). A little known quirk in the law gives the VA an extraordinary opportunity to service nearly a million veterans without breaking the bank. Read the article and find out how they do it, why the forces of elite greed and their political allies see them as a threat to their vision of the free market (i.e. what’s mine is mine, what’s yours in mine) and why we can’t let them have their way.

Happy reading folks!

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